Portrait Programs

Van Gogh School Photographers offers a variety of excellent portrait programs:

Fall, Spring, Kindergarten Promotion, Eighth Grade Graduation and Sports.

We offer the highest quality prints and photo novelties that make wonderful keepsakes or perfect gifts.

Fall Portraits are the classic portraits that parents love with a personal touch. Students are taken on a green screen that allows parents to choose the background that best suits their style and personality, while also allowing a uniform look at the composite and yearbook.

Spring Portraits allow the presentation that really captures the personalities of the students and photos of siblings. Our Spring photos and keepsakes make great gifts for Mother and Father’s Day!

Sports Portraits are a great way to celebrate the hard work of the team and the individual players. We offer traditional and attitude posing for both individual and team photos.

Class and School PhotosClass and All School Photos are treasured by students for years to come. We offer a variety of fun ways for students to remember their classmates.


Panoramas and Mosaic Photos of the School

Outdoor Groups

Special Keepsakes

Promotions / Graduation PortraitsPromotions/Graduation Portraits are a great way to capture, preserve, and share a significant milestone. We offer students and parents maximum choice and flexibility through multiple poses, many backgrounds, and a variety of keepsakes and gifts.

Eighth Grade Graduation

  • Caps and gowns in your school’s colors.
  • Multiple poses and backgrounds to highlight this significant achievement.
  • Stunning graduation composite boards.

Kindergarten Promotions

We Provide Teachers With What They Need:

  • Photo Diplomas
  • Farewell Notes
  • ``What I Want To Be`` Composite
  • Digital Upload With All Images for 1st Grade Teachers To Use

We Provide Parents With What They Want:

  • Four Studio Poses Generating Eight Images
  • Four Color and Four Black & White
  • Promotion Announcements
  • Commemorative Room Poster
  • Creative Keepsakes and Gifts
  • Special Keepsake Featuring: Student’s Picture, Promotion Announcement, and ``What I Want To Be...``    Composite